Available until Sunday 28th Feb 2021.

Take advantage of our FREE HEARTWORM TEST* available from Cardiff Veterinary Hospital until Sunday 28th of February 2021. A simple 10-minute blood test can identify if your dog has Heartworm.

To qualify for the test:
– Your dog must be over 6 months of age.
– Not on Heartworm medication.
– Lapsed (injection or tablet) Heartworm medication.
– You must agree to a Proheart SR12 12mth injection if the test shows a negative result.

To book your Free Heartworm Test, give us a call at Cardiff Vet Hospital on 4954 7055 or private message us here on Facebook. Our clinic is located at 26C Harrison St Cardiff (Opposite the Iron Horse Hotel).

Why Worry About Heartworms?
Heartworm disease is serious and potentially fatal. It is caused by parasitic worms (heartworms) living in the major vessels of the lungs and, occasionally, in the heart. Heartworms are transmitted (as microscopic larvae) through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Why Heartworm Test?
The benefits of heartworm testing are enormous. If your dog is infected with heartworms, early diagnosis and treatment are the best ways to help ensure that the infection is cleared before permanent damage is done to the heart, lungs, or associated blood vessels. Heartworm disease can be fatal if left untreated, so early diagnosis and treatment can literally save your dog’s life! Be sure to keep your dog on heartworm preventive medication and stay up to date with yearly heartworm testing.

For more information please phone 4954 7055.


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